Typical Day on the River

Our trips are licensed by the U.S Forest Service under a special use permit through the Salmon Challis National Forest. Prior to your launch day, campsites will be per-assigned by the Forest Service, this allows us to plan our day accordingly based on the amount of river miles we need to cover from camp to camp. We travel between 15-20 miles a day which usually takes 5 to 6 hours.


A typical day begins each morning at first light (6:30 am), the guide staff will brew a fresh pot of coffee and start a fire for guests to enjoy. Early risers relish this quiet time as the camp is still, listening to the sound of the river and taking in the beauty of the canyon as the sun rise warms the hills. A delicious breakfast is served between 8-8:30 am and camp is now alive with people milling about and enjoying the serenity of another incredible campsite. During breakfast the lead guide will give you a quick morning talk to let you know how many miles we will be traveling to the next camp, the day's highlights, and what to pack in your day bag for the day's activities. After breakfast the guides will clean up and break down camp while you pack your overnight bag and break down your tent, we shoot to be on the river by 9:30 am.

  • Coffee on at 6:30
  • Breakfast at 8:00
  • Morning Briefing on what the day entails

The River

While on the river guests can enjoy fishing or relaxing from an oar frame boat, the camaraderie and team work of a paddle boat, or the excitement of running the river on their own in an inflatable kayak. The Middle Fork is chocked full of rapids and there are a couple major ones every day that will get your heart pumping and challenge both you and the guides. We plan a lunch stop around 12:30 to stretch the legs, take a swim, and enjoy another wonderful meal. We always pick a lunch spot that has an interesting side hike to either Indian pictographs, hot springs, a waterfall, or historical cabin. After lunch we will float for 2 to 2.5 half more hours over gin clear waters that run deep through one spectacular canyon after another. As we float, keep your eyes perched for animals in the hills, raptors in the sky, or the next exciting horizon line on this world class river.

  • Boat Choices: Oar Frame, Paddle Boat, or Inflatable Kayak
  • Lunch @ 12:30
  • Pictographs, Mining History, Hot Springs


We will arrive in camp each day around 4 pm and you will find camp set up with tents, chairs, and tables waiting for your enjoyment. Now just grab your overnight bag, a deluxe thermarest pad for sleeping, and pick your home for the night. We set up 4 man tents, but plan for 2 to a tent so you have plenty of room. Once you get settled in there are many fun camp activities to pick from; a game of horseshoes, cards, fishing, swimming, hiking, reading, or just take a nap. We plan for a 5 o'clock complimentary cocktail bar served with mouth watering appetizers. Dinner is planned for 7 o'clock and is as decadent as the incredible setting we share each meal in, truly an outdoor dinning room that has no equal. After dinner unwind by the campfire with a mouthwatering dutch oven dessert and a cup of tea or coffee and share in the stories of the days adventures. As the stars shine bright above, fall asleep dazing up at the sky and listening to the soothing sound of the river, Sweet Dreams!

  • Arrive at Camp @ 4pm
  • Tents, Chairs, Tables, Kitchen already set up by Sweep Crew
  • Appetizers and Cocktail Bar @ 5pm
  • Dinner @ 7pm


Thanks for the Memories

"Second time downriver with Clint and Molly Frank; this one even better than two years ago. "

Shirley - October 2016

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