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The Middle Fork has some incredibly breathtaking hikes, that will get you off the beaten path and into the heart of the wilderness. Many of the hikes are along the Middle Fork trail which follows the river for the first 75 miles. The views are inspiring from the river trail and the hiking is easy to moderate. For the more avid hiker there are options to hike side canyons, tributaries, and scrambles to big view peaks.   During our journey down the river corridor our guides will lead you to Native American pictographs, natural hot springs, and historical sites.  The history, geology, and topography in this river canyon, will be more enriching if you stretch your legs a bit.  It can be as easy as starting your morning off with a 2 to 3 mile hike down river and having the boats pick you up, or hiking into camp at the end of the day. Below are some of our favorite hikes.



The Middle Fork is renowned for it’s West Slope Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout fishing. Please bring rods in a hard case to prevent breakage while in the rafts. You will need to pick up an Idaho fishing license online at the Idaho Fish and Game Website. The Stanley Fly Shop offers an excellent selection of flies and they put together a fly box made specifically for the Middle Fork. The Salmon River Fly Box in Salmon, Id also offers flies and gear. Fishing regulations are catch and release only with single barbless hooks.


The Middle Fork of the Salmon River offers a variety of isolated hot springs right on the banks of the river. More than rafting, you will get to experience the beauty of nature right from a natural pool.

We usually spend 1 or 2 nights at a hot springs camp.


We use dutch ovens exclusively in our camp cooking. Their versatility allows us to present not only sophisticated entrees, but also fresh-baked desserts, breads, and breakfast items every day. We take great pride and work hard to create a delicious and innovative menu. Our kitchen with dining tables and chairs is literally a traveling bistro and all recipes are freshly prepared on the river. Meals are completely balanced and meticulously planned for a variety of tastes and dietary considerations. Although we prepare for the hearty eater, there are always many choices so that vegetarian and low fat diets are pleased with satisfying and tasty meals. A light cocktail bar and hors D’oeuvres are offered every evening and a selection of fun and upscale wines accompany each dinner. ENJOY! To savor 5-star dining in a wilderness setting is a big part of the Middle Fork River Tour experience!


The Middle Fork canyon is rich in history. From the original Native American habitants the Tukuduka, “Shoshone Mountain Sheepeater”, to hearty prospectors and homesteaders, to the exploratory river runners, there are many chapters along its banks that tell incredible stories. If you would like to read about the Middle Fork and it’s history before the trip, there are a couple of great books available. The Middle Fork, A Guide; by Johnny Carrey and Cort Conley, published by Backeddy Books and Impassable Canyon- Journey Down the Middlefork ; by Matt Leidecker, published by Sun Valley Press. Both available from Amazon.com. As we travel the river each day we make a point of stopping at pictographs, old mining activity, and historical cabin sites to share these stories with our guests.

You could not find a nicer more professional group than Clint and Molly Frank of Middle Fork River Tours. Clint’s knowledge of the river and the surrounding area was terrific. His love for what he does was apparent. The food was fantastic. They even provided beer/wine and mixed drinks with the price of the trip. Most others charge extra or make you bring your own. The river itself was awesome. Clint and his team made it the trip of a lifetime. The guides were knowledgeable and competent and fun to hang out with in camp.
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A Day on the river

Our trips are licensed by the U.S Forest Service under a special use permit through the Salmon Challis National Forest. Prior to your launch day, campsites will be per-assigned by the Forest Service, this allows us to plan our day accordingly based on the amount of river miles we need to cover from camp to camp. We travel between 15-20 miles a day which usually takes 5 to 6 hours.


A typical day begins each morning at first light (6:30 am), the guide staff will brew a fresh pot of coffee and start a fire for guests to enjoy. Early risers relish this quiet time as the camp is still, listening to the sound of the river and taking in the beauty of the canyon as the sun rise warms the hills. A delicious breakfast is served between 8-8:30 am and camp is now alive with people milling about and enjoying the serenity of another incredible campsite. During breakfast the lead guide will give you a quick morning talk to let you know how many miles we will be traveling to the next camp, the day’s highlights, and what to pack in your day bag for the day’s activities. After breakfast the guides will clean up and break down camp while you pack your overnight bag and break down your tent, we shoot to be on the river by 9:30 am.

The River

While on the river guests can enjoy fishing or relaxing from an oar frame boat, the camaraderie and team work of a paddle boat, or the excitement of running the river on their own in an inflatable kayak. The Middle Fork is chocked full of rapids and there are a couple major ones every day that will get your heart pumping and challenge both you and the guides. We plan a lunch stop around 12:30 to stretch the legs, take a swim, and enjoy another wonderful meal. We always pick a lunch spot that has an interesting side hike to either Indian pictographs, hot springs, a waterfall, or historical cabin. After lunch, we will float for 2 to 2.5 more hours over gin clear waters that run deep through one spectacular canyon after another. As we float, keep your eyes perched for animals in the hills, raptors in the sky, or the next exciting horizon line on this world class river.


We will arrive in camp each day around 4 pm and you will find camp set up with tents, chairs, and tables waiting for your enjoyment. Now just grab your overnight bag, a deluxe thermarest pad for sleeping, and pick your home for the night. We set up 4 man tents, but plan for 2 to a tent so you have plenty of room. Once you get settled in there are many fun camp activities to pick from; a game of horseshoes, cards, fishing, swimming, hiking, reading, or just take a nap. We plan for a 5 o’clock complimentary cocktail bar served with mouth watering appetizers. Dinner is planned for 7 o’clock and is as decadent as the incredible setting we share each meal in, truly an outdoor dinning room that has no equal. After dinner unwind by the campfire with a mouthwatering dutch oven dessert and a cup of tea or coffee and share in the stories of the days adventures. As the stars shine bright above, fall asleep dazing up at the sky and listening to the soothing sound of the river, Sweet Dreams!

Fun Camp excursions

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