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Middle Fork River Tours Schedule

Early Season - 5 Days

May 30th - June 21
$1,975 / Person

Prime Season - 6 Days

June 26 - August 18
$2,450 / Person

Late Season - 5 Days

August 21 - 26
$1,975 / Person

Fishing - 6 Days

Any Launch
$3,200 / Person (Minimum 2 People)

Fishing 5 - Days

Any Launch
$2,800 / Person (Minimum 2 People)

Plan Your Trip On The Middlefork

June & July

Your trip will begin in Stanley, Idaho, located approximately 135 miles east of Boise via Highway 21, and 60 miles north of Sun Valley via Highway 75. Please contact the Mountain Village Lodge in Stanley for overnight accommodations before and after the trip. Their phone number is 1-800-843-5475 or visit them online at www.mountainvillage.com, let them know you are floating with us. You will need room reservations for the night before your scheduled launch and also for the night that we get off the river. Make your reservations as soon as possible as the Mountain Village Lodge fills up quickly for the summer season.

We will greet you for a pre-trip orientation meeting at 6PM the evening before your scheduled launch in the breeze way at the Mountain Village Lodge. At this time we will give you your waterproof duffel bags, show you how to pack, go over our low-impact camping routine, arrange car (if you are not riding the bus back to Stanley) and flight shuttles (for low or high water), and answer any last minute questions.

We will leave Stanley at 8 AM the morning of the launch meeting by the MFRT bus located in the parking lot of the Mountain Village Lodge. Depending on water conditions, we will either take the bus to the river put in at Boundary Creek or fly in to Indian Creek, mile 25 on the river. Transportation will be provided back to Stanley after the trip, arriving at the Mountain Village Lodge between 5:30 and 6:30 PM on the last day.  You will need to get a form from the Mountain Village office and pay $15 to leave your vehicle for the week.  Any extra luggage can be stored in our secure lock room beneath the hotel.

August & September

Your trip will begin in Salmon, Idaho, approximately 2.5 hours south of Missoula, MT via Highway 93, and 2.5 hours from Sun Valley via Highway 75 to 93. Please contact The Stagecoach Inn in Salmon for your overnight accommodation before the trip. You will be back in Salmon early enough to drive or fly to your next destination if you choose, otherwise plan on staying the night you get off the river as well. Their number is 208-756-2919 or visit their website at www.stagecoachinnmotel.com. Say you are staying with Middle Fork River Tours.

We will meet you for orientation at 6PM the evening before your scheduled launch on the lawn by the river at the Stagecoach Inn.  We will issue rain gear, overnight bags, and arrange payment for flight to Indian Creek.  Cost for flight from Salmon to Indian Creek is $120 per person.  We will provide transportation back to Salmon after your trip.  Plan on being back to Salmon by 3pm the day your trip ends.  If water levels are high enough to go from Boundary Creek launch we will bus you at no extra cost.  Plan on meeting the Middle Fork River Tours bus in the parking lot of the Stagecoach at 8AM for departure. You may leave your car at the Stagecoach Inn for the week at no extra charge.  Any extra luggage may be stored at the Stagecoach Inn.



It is a 3+ hour drive from Boise to Stanley via Highway 21. The drive is very scenic and winds through the Boise National Forest and over high mountain passes. There is no car rental agency with a drop system in Stanley. If you have a large party (8 -10), you can rent or charter a van through Sun Valley Express 877-622-8267, their rate from Boise to Stanley is $500 one way.
If you drive to Stanley, you will be able to park your car at the Mountain Village Lodge for a $15 weekly charge. If you drive to Salmon, you will be able to park your car at the Stagecoach Inn free of charge.
We have a secure, locked storage room at the Mountain Village Lodge for luggage and other items that you do not want to take on the river. For August trips, the Stagecoach can hold any extra luggage for the week.


Caldwell Transportation Company offers Boise to Stanley / Stanley to Boise service. This is a reservation only service that must be made 48 hours in advance. Please call 800-727-9925 or visit www.ctcbus.com for your reservation. There is no shuttle services from Missoula to Salmon, car rental is the only transportation to Salmon.

We have a secure, locked storage room at the Mountain Village Lodge for luggage and other items that you do not want to take on the river. For August trips, the Stagecoach can hold any extra luggage for the week.


It is a 40 minute flight and is the fastest and most convenient way to and from Stanley. For August trips you may also fly into Salmon from Boise, it is 1+ hour flight. You would also have the option to fly out of Salmon, Idaho after the trip, this will save you some time. There is no air taxi from Missoula, MT. Please visit www.sawtoothflyingservices.com or call 800-798-6105 to make your reservation. You can also contact Gem Air at www.gemairflights.com or call 208-756-7382, or Salmon Air at www.salmonair.com or call 800-448-3413, or McCall Air at www.McCallAviation.com or call 800-992-6559 to arrange a flight.

If you fly into Stanley, the Mountain Village Lodge has a courtesy van that will pick you up at the airport. If you fly into Salmon, the Stagecoach Inn also has a courtesy van that will pick you up at the airport. Just ask the pilots to give them a call.
We have a secure, locked storage room at the Mountain Village Lodge for luggage and other items that you do not want to take on the river. For August trips, the Stagecoach can hold any extra luggage for the week.



140 miles south from Missoula, MT via Highway 93.

Most folks fly into Missoula for a Salmon launch and then rent a car. Missoula has many car rental options. It is a 2.5 hour drive from Missoula, MT to Salmon, ID via Highway 93. This is a beautiful drive through the famous Bitterroot Valley, over Lost Trail Pass, then drops you into the Salmon River Valley.

It is a 5-hour drive from Boise, ID to Salmon, ID via Highway 21. The drive is very scenic and winds through the Boise National Forest and over high mountain passes. There is no car rental agency with a drop in Salmon, ID.


Beach Transportation provides busses for large groups from Missoula, MT to Salmon, ID.

Tel: (406) 549-6121

Web: beachtrans.com

Shuttle service from the airport to the hotel is provided by the Stage Coach Inn for their guests.


Sawtooth Flying Services offers flights from Boise, ID to/from Salmon, ID.  You would also have the option to fly out of Salmon, ID after the trip. You can contact them at (800) 798-61095 or visit sawtoothflying.com for current rates and reservations. Other air taxi providers are; McCall Aviation, they can be reached at (800) 992-6559 or visit mccallaviation.com and Gem Air, (208) 756-7382 or visit gemairflights.com. There is no air taxi from Missoula, MT to Salmon, ID.


  • Transportation to Boundary Creek (bus only)
  • Transportation back to Stanley
  • Waterproof duffel bag
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Deluxe Therma-Rest Sleeping Pad
  • Pillow
  • Tent
  • Eating tables
  • Chairs
  • Beverage mug
  • Waterproof day bag
  • Small Camera case
  • Splash top
  • Splash bottoms
  • Wet suit & booties (June trips)
  • Dinner wine
  • Cocktail bar (Gin, Vodka, Wiskey)
  • 2-to-3 cans beer/pop per day
  • Juice & drinking water
  • First aid supplies
  • All rafting equipment (life jacket, etc.)
  • Meals (first-day lunch to last-day lunch)
  • Hat (1 sun & 1 warm)
  • Mid weight synthetic long johns
  • Fleece or Light down jacket
  • Warm shirt
  • Rain Gear (if you have it)
  • Swim suit (ladies may want 2 piece)
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts (nylon for quick drying)
  • Long pants or sweats for camp
  • 1 pair river sandals for raft
  • 1 pair shoes for camp
  • Socks
  • Soap, wash cloth, toothbrush, etc.
  • Chapstick
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Insect repellent
  • Small flashlight or headlight
  • Camera & film
  • Fishing gear (rods in hard case!)
  • Sunglasses with neck strap
  • Lightweight gloves
  • Water Bottle

Weather conditions in the Middle Fork canyon can change rapidly. Being prepared will ensure your comfort no matter what the weather conditions (it has snowed on us in August!). We provide rain gear if you don't have your own and splash tops, but the proper layering of clothing under the rain gear is essential. Although cotton is great on a hot day, it is nonfunctional on a cold, wet day. When cotton clothing gets wet, it stays wet and will pull the warmth right out of you. Synthetic thermal long underwear and pile fleece garments are wonderful for the river - they wick moisture away from your skin, helping to keep you warm, even when wet, and the material dries very fast. We strongly recommend that you have at least one pair of mid-weight, synthetic, thermal underwear, top & bottoms, and either a wool sweater or pile fleece jacket for your trip. If you live in a warm climate and cannot find these items locally, you can go on-line to www.cascadeoutfitters.com and find clothing made for river adventures. For last minute items the Riverwear or River 1 stores located in Stanley have great selections and are well stocked for summer floaters. Visit them at www.riverwear.com or www.River1.com. All are local Idaho shops, let's help support them.

Riverwear and River 1 in Stanley, Idaho can accommodate you with any necessary outdoor apparel the night before your river trip. Arfman's in Salmon, Idaho can also accommodate any last minute items you may need.

Please do not bring: Pets, Cell Phones, Expensive Jewelry, Video Games



Due to our limited season, trip size, and ongoing disruptions of Covid-19, we strongly encourage all guests to purchase trip insurance to protect their investment in the trip.  Because of our limited operating season we are no longer allowing last minute cancellations due to the pandemic or other health concerns. However, you are welcome to find a replacement to fill your seat(s) at no additional charge.  Also, if we can refill your cancelled seat at full price, we will refund all fees received minus your deposit of $500. 

We strongly advise that you purchase travel insurance to protect your investment in this trip. Please contact CSA Travel Protection at 800-348-9505 or on-line at www.csatravelprotection.com.
or Travel Guard at 855-203-5962 




Certain water levels require us to fly to the Indian Creek Airstrip to launch. Indian Creek is inside of the wilderness area and has no road access. If we have to fly in to launch, there will be an additional charge of $150 per person for the flight. We attempt to launch from Boundary Creek whenever possible but we are a safe and prudent company that will choose to fly if the following conditions exist; water levels above 6.5 ft (high) and water levels below 2.2 ft (low) on the Middle Fork gauge. The link below will bring you to current flows.


The Middle Fork is renowned for its West Slope Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout fishing. Please bring rods in a hard case to prevent breakage while in the rafts. You will need to pick up an Idaho fishing license online at the Idaho Fish and Game Website. The Stanley Fly Shop offers an excellent selection of flies and they put together a fly box made specifically for the Middle Fork.   The Salmon River Fly Box in Salmon, Id also offers flies and gear.  Fishing regulations are catch and release only with single barbless hooks. Regular Season Fishing Boat Charter: 6 days/$3200 per person, 2 person minimum per charter. Late Season Fishing Boat Charter: 5 days/$2800 per person, 2 person minimum per charter.
Fly Sizes 6-14; Rod Wt. 4-5; Tippet Size; 3X

There is a Stone Fly hatch the first two weeks of July. Grasshoppers start coming out in early August. Generally, most attractor patterns work well throughout the summer. Here are some recommendations.

  • Caddis (brown & olive)
  • Golden Stone (orange)
  • Stimulator (orange & yellow)
  • Royal Wolfe
  • Humpies
  • Parachute Adams
  • Parachute
  • Hopper
  • Madam X
  • Hoppers (yellow & green)
  • Chernobal Ant

Nymphs are not typically as productive as dry flies but a bead head pheasant tail or prince nymph can be tied onto a dry fly as a dropper and this combo works extremely well.

Although the Middle Fork is ideal for dry fly fishing, spin casting can be lots of fun. Typical trout lures work well such as; Mepps #2, Roostertails, @ Silver Spoons.


Our crew is an extremely hardworking group of guys and gals and their enthusiasm will enhance your trip. They are appreciative of any gratuity that you might extend to them. Typical gratuities range from 10% to 20% of base trip cost. Check or cash is preferred. Please make checks out to the lead guide of your trip, Thank You!

“I have been down the river 3 times with Middle Fork River Tours. It is an awesome trip where you can unplug and have fun. I highly recommend this trip to anyone willing to shed the trappings/luxuries of our daily life and experience nature, new friends, adventure, beauty, serenity, great food, and sleeping under the stars. Don’t miss it!”
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Middle Fork River Tours is committed to providing exceptional rafting and fishing trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon. Our trips are all inclusive and we offer you a service complete with everything needed to enjoy the river. Expert guides, top-notch equipment, delicious food, detailed camps, and an adventure that will instill lifelong memories is our promise. Thank you for visiting our website and please join us for a first-class whitewater rafting experience on the legendary Middle Fork of the Salmon.

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